#116 – When does criticism go too far?

We welcome Jerry Dewitt, Alix Jules and Reverend Alex Moreschi to the conversation. We discuss many different topics on this episode; is there a need to walk on eggshells within the secular community and when does criticism go too far?

#74 – Matt Dillahunty & Talking Donkeys

We welcome Matt Dillahunty and he shares his deconversion story and common arguments used by theist. Ashley learns that donkeys can talk.





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#69 – Alix Jules, Don Armel, ABS is back!

Alix Jules of the Graffiti Wall on Patheos joins us to discuss racial issues in the south. Don Armel joins to discuss his 7000 miles charity ride for a Statesboro food bank and Ms. Ashley reads Numbers 14 & 15.

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#66 – NRR is LIVE! Eric Casebolt Resigns

We discuss the resignation of Officer Eric Casebolt from the perspective of a police officer. A Texas teacher is fired for posting discriminating comments on social media and Louisiana schools are using Bible in public school to debunk evolution.

La. School District Says Teachers May Use the Bible during Science Lessons:


Fired! Texas teacher: