#128 – Pt 2 of 3/ Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Ten Precepts

In part two the cast welcomes Bill Robbins of the Bar Room Atheist to discuss the first teaching of the Buddha after gaining his enlightenment and the Ten Precepts each Buddhist should follow. You will notice they are very similar to the Christian Ten Commandments.

#124 – Transgender Politician Chloe Goldbach & Farewell John Karpf

In this episode we talk politics with Chloe Goldbach, a transgender woman running forĀ  Alachua County Commissioner District 5 in Florida. We also say farewell to the voice of the Secular News Network, John Karpf.

#121 – Atheist roundtable on the shooting in Orlando

We are joined by Callie Wright, Ari Stillman, Hugh Mann and Jason Comeau to discuss the shooting in Orlando Florida and Gun Control.

#120 – Reason Rally Recap w/ Mark White of the Spin Doctors

We do a recap of Reason Rally 2016 with Mark White, the bassist of the Spin Doctors. We share Drunk Ashley audio and are joined by Ari Stillman of the Gaytheist Manifesto Podcast.

#119 – State of the Community Roundtable

In this unintentional roundtable episode we are joined by Andrew Garber of the Atheist Roundtable Podcast, Callie Wright of the Gaytheist Manifesto Podcast, Jerry Dewitt of Hope After Faith Podcast and Shujin Tribble of HolyCrap the VlogCast to discuss the state of the atheist community.