#103 – Christianity & Entertainment, GHF, ABS

No pastor this week! Morgan has her own segment called Christianity & Entertainment. The Prophet Jeremiah done educated us on the scientific method and Ms. Ashley reads Deuteronomy 11-13 for ABS.

#101 – Ms. Ashley blows her gasket

In this episode we are joined by listeners Katie and Rakeem who share their stories. Katie share a story of abuse and religion. Rakeem shares his stories from French Camp Academy in French Camp, MS which include torture of animals and Ms. Ashley seriously blows her gasket. You want to listen to the very end.

#99 – The Devils 10 Deadliest Tricks, Heretic Woman, ABS

In this episode we welcome Heretic Woman of Beyond The Trailer Park to discuss a personal LGBT issue. We discuss an article titled The Devils 10 Deadliest Tricks. Pastor Manning is losing his church and a Georgia State Representative has lost his mind.

#97 – When Religion Becomes Abusive, Republican Debate

We have the Bar Room Atheist crew and Korrine Mailey of The Eh Theist Podcast and The Forbidden Fruit. We welcome Morgan Stringer to the show to discuss her time with the French Camp Academy in Mississippi. She shares stories of brutality in this Christian Home and School. We also discuss the recent Republican Debate.

#96 – Atheist Activism w/ Damien Marie Athope, GHF

On this weeks episode we welcome atheist activist Damien Marie Athope to discuss activism with a boldness. Jeremiah also shares another excellent segment of God Hates Facts on the chemical components of life.

#94 – 24hr Broadcastathon Audio

In this unexpected episode we present the audio from our one hour segment during the 24hr Broadcastathon. View our segment on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dcnqgeaga8s. Our segment is 4 hrs into the video.

#88 – Paris Tribute & Ishmael Brown of Angry Black Rant

This week’s show opens with a moving tribute to Paris written by The Prophet Jeremiah. We also welcome Ishmael Brown of Angry Black Rant Podcast. We share a Deconversion about abuse and have a very fun atheist bible study.