#66 – NRR is LIVE! Eric Casebolt Resigns

We discuss the resignation of Officer Eric Casebolt from the perspective of a police officer. A Texas teacher is fired for posting discriminating comments on social media and Louisiana schools are using Bible in public school to debunk evolution.

La. School District Says Teachers May Use the Bible during Science Lessons:


Fired! Texas teacher:


#65 – Bedtime Bible Stories – Explicit! and ABS

We welcome Joey Lee Kirkman, author of Bedtime Bible Stories and soon to be released PR Pope. We also welcome Prophet Jeremiah to begin reading Numbers for Atheist Bible Story.

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#64 – David Silverman, ABS

On this weeks episode we welcome the president of American Atheists, Mr. David Silverman. We also discuss 8 Steps To Confront Your Wife’s Sexual Refusal .  The Prophet Jeremiah joins us for Atheist Bible Study to finish Leviticus.