#81 – Sarah Morehead, Kaitlyn McKenna & Cruel things believers say

We welcome Sarah Morehead from Recovering From Religion and Kaitlyn McKenna joins to share her story about being kicked out of her house for being a non-believer. We also share cruel comments made by family and friends when they find out you are an atheist.

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#80 – We take on the JW’s, Jeremiah De-Conversion Story, Kaitlyn’s Story and ABS

In this weeks episode we discuss the JW’s in-depth with three former JW’s. The Prophet shares his deconversion story and we learn of a young girl who was kicked out of her home for being a nonbeliever.

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#79 – Former Pastor Turned Atheist, GHF, Atheist Bible Study

We welcome Dr. Calvin Kelly, a former pastor of 40 years turned atheist. Dr. Kelly shares stories about his life as a pastor and his travels in Jordon, Israel, London and many other countries. He also takes part in Atheist Bible Study and gives us an inside look at being a pastor. Shane Thrapp joins us again for God Hates Facts. John Karpf tells us when we can facepalm.

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#78 – Dan Fincke, Secular News, Hilarious Voicemail Transcripts

We welcome Dan Fincke from Camels with Hammers on Patheos. John Karpf joins us once again for Secular News. Welcome Back John!!!! We read our Voicemail Scripts which are funny as hell.

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#77 – Live from Philly

We are in PA for our son’s wedding. While here we took the opportunity to travel to Philly and do a live mid-week show from the Bar Room with Bill and Suzy. Brandon and Kayla join us on the show for the very first time.

#76 – Recent Emails, Matt from Atheism 101, GHF

Bobby C and Ms. Ashley are in PA for their son’s wedding. In this pre-recorded episode they are joined by Matt from Atheism 101 Podcast and Shane Thrapp of FACT. Jeremiah and Shane discuss Ammonites in this ABS free episode and Bobby C shares a recent email and hatemail.

#74 – Matt Dillahunty & Talking Donkeys

We welcome Matt Dillahunty and he shares his deconversion story and common arguments used by theist. Ashley learns that donkeys can talk.





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#72 – Mandisa Thomas, Lynne Clemens, GHF & ABS

We welcome Mandisa Thomas of the Black NonBeleivers of Atlanta. We also talk with listener and friend Lynne Clemens about her coming out experience. We have another segment of God Hates Facts and Atheist Bible Study.

#71 – Brandy Madden, ABS with Bill Hunsicker

We welcome Brandy Madden, the COO of Secular Media Group, and ask the question “Who is Brandy Madden”? Brandy shares a heartfelt story about her family. Also, in the absence of Jeremiah, Bill Hunsicker joins us for ABS.

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#69 – Alix Jules, Don Armel, ABS is back!

Alix Jules of the Graffiti Wall on Patheos joins us to discuss racial issues in the south. Don Armel joins to discuss his 7000 miles charity ride for a Statesboro food bank and Ms. Ashley reads Numbers 14 & 15.

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#68 – Love Wins in America!

Kelly Damerow, Interim Executive Director of Secular Coalition for America( www.secular.org) joins us to discuss the blowback in Washington DC over the SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality. John Karpf presents news LIVE, Ms. Ashley’s son, Christian, joins to talk about SCOTUS from a teen perspective. Hugh Mann joins in with the conversation with Christian.


#67 – Charleston SC, Blue Laws, Science Seg, ABS

We discuss the shootings in Charleston, SC. We share Blue Laws from around the country and the world. Shane Thrapp joins for “God Hates Facts” the new science segment and Ms. Ashley reads Numbers 11-13.

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