#96 – Atheist Activism w/ Damien Marie Athope, GHF

On this weeks episode we welcome atheist activist Damien Marie Athope to discuss activism with a boldness. Jeremiah also shares another excellent segment of God Hates Facts on the chemical components of life.

#94 – 24hr Broadcastathon Audio

In this unexpected episode we present the audio from our one hour segment during the 24hr Broadcastathon. View our segment on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dcnqgeaga8s. Our segment is 4 hrs into the video.

#88 – Paris Tribute & Ishmael Brown of Angry Black Rant

This week’s show opens with a moving tribute to Paris written by The Prophet Jeremiah. We also welcome Ishmael Brown of Angry Black Rant Podcast. We share a Deconversion about abuse and have a very fun atheist bible study.

#87 – Neil Carter, Cash & Pastor Roy, Jeremiah Bannister

We welcome Neil Carter of Godless in Dixie blog. Cash from AOA shares a new project, Pastor Roy stops by and introduces catpossiums.  Jeremiah Bannister joins to share great news about Samantha.

#86 – Zach of Zachrilege Cast, GHF & Forced sex on your wife

Zach from Zachrilege Cast joins the show and The Prophet teaches the Second Law of Thermal Dynamics during God Hates Facts. We discuss an article titled “How a husband can enjoy sex that is grudgingly given by his wife”. Ms. Ashley shares more about her past abuse.

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#84 – Paleo Radio and JD Brucker

On this weeks episode we welcome author JD Brucker and also welcome the guys from Paleo Radio, Jeremiah Bannister and Joe Elder. Jeremiah discusses his daughter Samantha and her fight against cancer. This is a heartwarming story you do not want to miss.

Purchase JD Brucker’s book on Amazon or by clicking on the title off each book.

Facing Oblivion

Reason Over Faith

God Needs To Go

Improbable: Issues With The God Hypothesis

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