#144 – The Best of NRR 2016

Happy New Year! BobbyC and Ms. Ashley asks listeners to post what they felt was the best and the worst of NRR 2016. In this episode, they present clips listeners recommended for Best and Worst of NRR. Although there were no worst recommended.

#141 – Adam Hatch & 24hr Broadcastathon Wrap-up

We are joined by listener Adam Hatch. Adam agreed to shave his very full beard if we reached $2,000 during our hour on DD. We reached it in 15 minutes and Adam made a video of him shaving his beard for charity. We also wrap up the 24 hr Broadcastathon for Camp Quest.

#140 – The War on Christmas

The War on Christmas? Really? If you are thinking you are the only one who finds this ridiculous, you are not alone! In this episode Bobby and Ashley discuss this topic and how the make believe WOC has effected major retailers and society as a whole.

#139 – The REAL Meaning of Thanksgiving

Ever wondered about the true story behind the holiday Thanksgiving? It has nothing to do with turkeys and football. In this episode Bobby and Ashley discuss the truth about the holiday and share good and bad mail and comments from listeners.

#138 – Step up or Step aside

This episode is a call to action! Bobby reads Jeremiah’s newest blog post titled Nationalism Is Man’s Worst Religion and shares this thoughts about what is going on after the election of President Elect Donald Trump.