#162 – Should we hold our elected leaders to a higher standard?

Bobby and Ashley discuss what bumperstickers say about someone, the shootings in Alexandria and San Francisco and should we hold our elected leaders to a higher standard than most people.

#161 – Live from the Bar Room w/ Bill & Suzy Robbins

This week we are on vacation in PA and staying with Bill and Suzy of the Bar Room Atheist. This week we discuss Ms. Ashley’s very first train ride, our trip to NYC, the marriage of Robbie and Sara Robbins and anything else we deem fit to discuss.

#160 – Guest Host Jerry DeWitt & Army Chaplain Tim Brown

The wonderful Jerry DeWitt joins this weeks show as a guest host while Ms. Ashley is out of town for work. They are joined by Army Chaplain Tim Brown who recently came out as a gay man. Tim created an organization called GOAL LGBTQ that helps support the LGBTQ community. To find Tim and GOAL visit www.goallgbtq.org.

Closing Music: Human by RagNBoneMan. Find his amazing music on iTunes and www.ragnbonemanmusic.com/