#152 – What I learned from a lifetime of activism with Dr. Darrel Ray

BobbyC and Ms. Ashley welcome Dr. Darrel Ray to discuss 9 Lessons he learned from a lifetime of activism.

#1. No Person or Organization is perfect.

#2. Those who complain the loudest often contribute the least.

#3. Treat all allies as valuable partners.

#4. Activism won’t make you happy.

#5. Fear is a poor motivator toward progress.

#6. Ideologies do not reflect reality.

#7. Thee illusion of Independence.

#8. Be Strategic. 80/20 Rule – Follow your money – where you give your money is where your heart is.

#9. Listen to behavior – Secular DOES NOT mean ethical. What they say is not what they do.

Book mentioned by Dr. Ray: Rules For Radicals