2 thoughts on “#138 – Step up or Step aside”

  1. I am an theist and tired of being insulted by my fellow atheists.

    Apparently, many of my fellow atheists think that I am suppose to fall into line with various political allegiance and views. The best example(or worse), is expressed in this latest podcast….Step up or Step aside. I am told, that if I hold any nationalist, patriotic, such I have a religion. Sorry, but screw you. I am an atheist and I think a nation can look out for its citizens, it can uphold its boarders and laws.

    We are atheists, but we each have a right to our own views politically. Your message in this podcast is divisive and insulting. I for one have had enough for being insulted by the left as if I am outside approved dogma.

    One less viewer,

    1. Wow! I am absolutely amazed at how you completely mistook everything I said in this episode. You are pissed about an article I read on the show and it hurt your feelings? You’re tired of being insulted? I’m not sure we insulted YOU. This is no different than a Christian saying “I am my religion”. You are not Atheism! You are an atheist. To say that we insulted you and your tired of being insulted by other atheists seems to be a personal problem. Why the need to send a condescending message to my show page is beyond me but notice I allowed your comment for the world to see and if you are indeed “one less listener” all I am willing to say to that is SEE YA don’t let the door knob hit you where evolution split you.

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