One thought on “#107 – Just for the Ladies; The Episode”

  1. Another great show!
    Firstly I’d like to apologise to The Prophet. Some time ago I left a review and I left him out. I work nightshift in the UK and listen to podcasts in work….
    I wrote the message during a break and only realised I’d left Our Sacred Prophet out when the message was read out…and he noticed too. I felt so bad but didn’t write in because it was an embarrassing oversight given his struggles about being on the show at the time, with people not mentioning him…… I loved his input then and still do.

    Secondly, I’d like to thank Morgan for her input and adding yet another voice to the show. I can’t wait to see how she helps as the show continues to evolve.

    As always thanks to Ms. Ashley….and Bobby C for bringing such a unique show to those of us who can only hear fellow atheists through podcasts.

    Please remember that no matter what haters might say (or how exasperated you might get with idiots from inside or outside the community) your voices bring comfort, hope and love to people who can feel alone in a world where being nonreligious can leave you ostracised.
    Pretending to be religious just to fit in or simply keeping your own beliefs quiet because they don’t fit your family’s or society’s views, all so you can function day to day, can leave you feeling cut off from yourself as well as everyone else.
    Your show brings us a little taste of the family we all should have in our lives.
    Thank you all for your efforts,
    The Lurgan Humanist
    NI, UK.

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