#101 – Ms. Ashley blows her gasket

In this episode we are joined by listeners Katie and Rakeem who share their stories. Katie share a story of abuse and religion. Rakeem shares his stories from French Camp Academy in French Camp, MS which include torture of animals and Ms. Ashley seriously blows her gasket. You want to listen to the very end.

2 thoughts on “#101 – Ms. Ashley blows her gasket”

  1. Dear Mister Bobby and Mrs. Ashley and the rest of the NRR crew;
    I just finished listening to podcast #101, and tears are pouring down my cheeks. Not only am I very sad for the folks at the French school, after hearing of the horrible atrocious abuses but I’m also very upset for Mrs. Ashley, and that preacher’s ignorance for what he said about her. I want you all to know that I’m mentally giving you all a great big hug right now. And wish you all well. And your reactions will be as clear headed as possible.
    I really appreciate this particular podcast because it clearly demonstrates the ugly side of religiosity. You see, it seems that many secular podcasts include the good, the bad, but not so much the ugly as this one does so many thanks.
    The first thing I want to suggest is in regards to that French school. Instead of having a honeymoon con, or getting atheists to meet at or near the French camp which could stir up fear and could put them on lockdown, just like a cat in the corner about to be trapped, (IE. getting French school to be on the defensive), which may in fact endanger the students
    I was thinking about somehow infiltrate the place with hidden cameras and microphones. If it’s even possible to send in remote controlled drones with cameras and mikes to secretly surveil the area. Set up some kind of area on the tree tops that could be a landing spots for hidden drones with hidden spy video cameras. And/or at the same time, infiltrator’s (someone with experience in the private eye business) getting jobs and while working there (janitors for example) setting up hidden cameras and obtaining the necessary secret video footage.
    Then when you get enough footage put together, with the assistance of someone like Seth Andrews or Michael Moore and expose this to the public. Either by documentary or expose it with a RELIABLE media source such as Democracy Now, 20/20, or Sixty Minutes, for example.
    Another idea; would take more time but may be just as if not more effective. And that is get enough secular people who live near the area to apply for employment at the French School Academy, and if enough people do so, eventually take over the entire institution. Much like how a religious cult takes over a town; church clergy getting elected as town or county commissioner or some other position then they hire other church members, then before you know it, the entire church practically owns the town. If we, the secular movement could all work together and do the same thing, imagine what good we could do? Imagine the impact! We could even eventually change the name from “French Camp” to Secular Camp, or even a new era in Camp Quest or something.
    I do hope the entire secular community will take a serious look at this. And in the meantime we all must share this particular podcast with all the other secular podcasts. This is an issue that I feel we all have an obligation, duty, and responsibility, to pass along. NEVER before have I ever listened to a podcast and tears started pouring down my cheeks.
    Keep up the Great work
    Paul Andrews (AKA; the alcoholic atheist)
    Feel welcome to call me at (386)-362-1433

  2. I also taught that if we react too suddenly to the French Camp School’s abuses, we could very well endanger other behavioral modification or militia training camps elsewhere.
    I say this because we just recently found about French
    Camp, well what about that top secret militia or Behavioral modification camp out in some remote corner in norther Idaho or someplace? imagine what may be going on there? could be making French Camp look like a day in the park.
    If suddenly other abuse camps find out that about French Camp being exposed could put those other camps on the defensive.
    I think this abuse needs to be exposed but only after enough of us put our heads together and plan for a winning (once and for all) strategy.
    Thank you
    Paul Andrews (AKA the Alcoholic atheist)

    PS: I am an alcoholic been clean and sober for over 26 years. I have a speech impediment from a serious auto accident in 2000. When you aired my voice message a few episodes back; some comments your guests made made me think as if they taught I had been drinking; rest assured I wasn’t.

    Love the show; keep up the great work, and I’ll keep listening.

    PPS; I am willing to have my story on the air and even be a guest as well.

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