#77 – Live from Philly

We are in PA for our son’s wedding. While here we took the opportunity to travel to Philly and do a live mid-week show from the Bar Room with Bill and Suzy. Brandon and Kayla join us on the show for the very first time.

#76 – Recent Emails, Matt from Atheism 101, GHF

Bobby C and Ms. Ashley are in PA for their son’s wedding. In this pre-recorded episode they are joined by Matt from Atheism 101 Podcast and Shane Thrapp of FACT. Jeremiah and Shane discuss Ammonites in this ABS free episode and Bobby C shares a recent email and hatemail.

#74 – Matt Dillahunty & Talking Donkeys

We welcome Matt Dillahunty and he shares his deconversion story and common arguments used by theist. Ashley learns that donkeys can talk.





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