#68 – Love Wins in America!

Kelly Damerow, Interim Executive Director of Secular Coalition for America( www.secular.org) joins us to discuss the blowback in Washington DC over the SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality. John Karpf presents news LIVE, Ms. Ashley’s son, Christian, joins to talk about SCOTUS from a teen perspective. Hugh Mann joins in with the conversation with Christian.


#67 – Charleston SC, Blue Laws, Science Seg, ABS

We discuss the shootings in Charleston, SC. We share Blue Laws from around the country and the world. Shane Thrapp joins for “God Hates Facts” the new science segment and Ms. Ashley reads Numbers 11-13.

Blue Laws:


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#66 – NRR is LIVE! Eric Casebolt Resigns

We discuss the resignation of Officer Eric Casebolt from the perspective of a police officer. A Texas teacher is fired for posting discriminating comments on social media and Louisiana schools are using Bible in public school to debunk evolution.

La. School District Says Teachers May Use the Bible during Science Lessons:


Fired! Texas teacher:


#65 – Bedtime Bible Stories – Explicit! and ABS

We welcome Joey Lee Kirkman, author of Bedtime Bible Stories and soon to be released PR Pope. We also welcome Prophet Jeremiah to begin reading Numbers for Atheist Bible Story.

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